Happy Mothers Day Meghan Markle

Yes, I am one of the weird Americans completely enamored by the royal family. So, of course, the new royal baby has peaked my interest!
One week ago today the royal family welcomed the seventh in line for the throne, meaning that the Duchess of Sussex celebrated her first mothers day yesterday!  Welcome to motherhood Meghan!



My obsession with the royal family started for me when I was young. Princess Diana died on my 12th birthday, August 31st 1997, she was just 36. I remember watching the news coverage for days, the funeral, and a growing fascination with who Diana was evolved.  Diana’s work and character were inspiring.  She was beautiful on the inside and out. I was hooked on the royal family from then on.  I followed the media surrounding her life and death alike for years and then just as any little girl would do I dreamt of the idea of marrying one of her sons, “Princess Kyleen Kelly.” It has a sweet ring to it doesn’t it?  Of course, I lost my final chance when Meghan stepped up to take the most eligible bachelor off the market just a few short years ago. Dang it Meghan!



A top my life time bucket list items is to be in attendance at a royal wedding. Okay, so maybe I wont get an invite to the church, but I am good with being miles down the street waving with an amazing head piece on. I’ve got time, Prince George is only 5 years old.

(I told you I was a weird American)
Okay, okay I digress… Meghan Markle is a mommy!

Buckingham Palace

The Duke and Duchess, in true royal fashion, made us wait a few days before revealing the new little guys name.  Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

Dominic Lipinski/Pool via AP


Are they not the cutest?!
When it comes to naming their children, the royals have a tendency to reuse family favorites, however I knew based on the Meghan and Harry’s anything but “customary” relationship they would consider a “not so royal” name.
 I love naming babies! Before Archie’s name was released…I named him. Seriously I did! I literally picked the name Harrison, and I have witnesses if you doubt me in any way. I now have yet another connection to the royal family! 😉
My initial thought, however was that this little lad was going to be a lass and if that was the case I was set on the names;
Grace- Princess Grace was a commoner who married into royalty, fitting isn’t it?
Diana- need I say more?
Marcella- something different
Frances- Princess Diana’s mothers name


And now, for the boy names;
Harrison- “Harry”
Charlie- spin off of Charles
Frances- Princess Diana’s mothers name
James- classic
Adrian- something different
Henry- Prince Harry, was born Henry Charles Albert David
Spencer- Princess Diana’s maiden name
Winston- after some research this was the aristocratic Spencer family- a group of which Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill
Arthur- Prince Williams middle name, after all he will be King someday

Dominic Lipinski/Pool via AP

Archie came as a bit of a shock to me of course, and as you can see it didn’t make my list, but it makes perfect sense! Prince Charles wanted to name Prince William, Arthur, but Diana wasn’t as fond of that for a first name and thus Prince William received Arthur as a second name.  Prince Louis, also received Arthur as his middle name.  Archie, can be a used as a nickname for Arthur. A classic, yet modern spin on a royal name!
So lets break down this little guys name together,
Archie- “to be brave, bold”
Harrison- “little Henry” or “little Harry”
Mountbatten-Windsor- used to signify male descendants of the Queen without royal styles or titles.
Meghan and Harry chose not to use courtesy titles, so instead of Earl of Dumbarton, he will simply be “Master Archie”  (insert heart emoji)
Someone please tell me I am not the only one completely in awe over this new little royal bundle and his parents!


Meghan and Harry recently created their own Instagram account, so we can expect to watch this little guy grow, and yes you better believe I follow all things royal!

Dominic Lipinski – WPA Pool/Getty Images

what do you think of the royals name?
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