2018 in review

i’m excited to start a tradition of highlighting my favorites memories & moments from the year past.

reminiscing over the moments that stole my heart in 2018 has, in part, helped me to daydream about the adventures that made it to the 2019 bucket list, while also reminding me of the accomplishments achieved and the beautiful memories created.

when i reflected back at my bucket list from last year, i realized that i had completed very few of the things i set out to complete in 2018.  initially, if i’m honest with ya’ll, my first thought was…well,  failure. here i am blogging about the importance of a bucket list to keep your aspirations and ambitions alive and in front of you yet, when i thought about it, i don’t know that i looked back at my list much during the year to know what i missing.

isn’t this so true of ourselves? instead of being humbled and grateful for the moments with friends and family we get caught up in what we should have been better at, done more of, spent more time with, or we begin loathing in self doubt & pity? i found this very interesting, because i make a bucket list every year. heck, i have a lifetime bucket list, a spiritual bucket list, a bucket list for my bucket list, and yet here i am telling you that the list i created for myself last year created this weird sense of insecurity and non-completion.

webster defines failure as a “lack of success or non-fulfillment.”

i quickly realized failure was NOT the term for 2018! although 2018 flew by for me, i didn’t look at my list often, and there are a lot of missing check marks, none of that stopped me from creating some pretty epic memories!

as i went through my 2018 photo reel, i realized i had some of the most marvelous moments with my family and friends. i discovered that as wonderful as my 2018 bucket list was, those desires and dreams haven’t changed just because it is now 2019.  your bucket list should help guide you towards new things and new experiences. it should tie together both purpose and focus. its okay to add those things back into 2019’s bucket. heck, they might just end up in 2020’s, and it’s okay if yours do too!

that’s what is so wonderful about your bucket list!  it’s also the reason for my disclaimer that reads: this is a never-ending work in progress, continuously being revised, refined, and modified.


here are some highlights of my 2018:


• motorcycle ride to the wisconsin motorcycle memorial in door county. ride free.


•home remodel. yes that’s our ceiling. nope it’s not staying.

•minimizing & clearing clutter (for the record this is from miss a’s closet) i think she has a problem.

•lake michigan visits. kayaks. swimming. sun & sand.

•work-outs, now if only i could stay consistent!

•hockey- gosh he is cute…& look at those curls!

•miss a’s first dance performance at the weill center ♥ my little hipster

•miss a tries both soccer & basketball for the first time this year- I may now officially be a soccer mom, but you will never see me driving a van


•bowling, because it’s winter most of the year here

•toby mac in concert

•niko’s photo shoot for a feature in yearbook

•indoor rock climbing

•breakout room & with time to spare

•miss a learns to sew

•reading, i think i’ve actually finished more books in the year 2018 than in all previous years put together. go me!

•girls trip to crivitz, wisco. friends, food and forging thru the wilderness

•miss a gets glasses

•photography- senior class of 2019

•my friends son, noah sees color for the first time…EVER

•niko tries track & field

•pickle ball

•receiving the ceo impact award for creating a “boutique” & wig display at the cancer clinic I work at

•visit from montana family…and the dogs!

•racing @ road america and a once in a lifetime pit and special guest pass to eat with the andretti racing team

•attend concert series @ city green

being with my dad as he set out to raise money for a friend with cancer

•celebrating chris’ birthday with family & homemade sushi making

•mini golf

•chris officiating a beautiful wedding for wonderful people

•camping trip

•kombucha making, it tastes better than it looks- i promise!

•my cousin sarah coming for a visit from bama. haven’t seen this lady for years!

•harley motorcycle museum with my dad. celebrating my 33rd & harley’s 115th birthdays

•tie-dye extravaganza 

•family portrait photo shoot  

•niko’s homecoming with his brotha from anotha motha. 

•hosting our frenchie

•volunteering as a family for feed my starving children

•interpreting art @ the john michael kohler art center

•wisconsin badger game in the first snow fall of the year. the one time the weather man was right and i wore ripped jeans & ankle socks

•pumpkin picking @ the little farmer pumpkin patch

•halloween party- aye aye matey!

•movies & popcorn…oh AND reclining seats. enough said.

•nutcracker at paine castle. absolutely stunning.

•hosting thanksgiving. what are you thankful for?

•cutting our own christmas tree. a little adventure & some fresh air. is niko wearing a tie?

•celebrating miss a’s birthday with tamales & a tres leches cake from a local mexican bakery. now you’re speaking my language.

so there you have it. highlights of 2018 in review. a year that I am proud of!

just as i did, i encourage you to always take time to reflect on the blessings of this life. enjoy the big moments and relish in the small ones.

don’t get discouraged if you don’t fulfill every bullet point on your bucket list!  keep dreaming. 2018 taught me that i’d rather have a list that i don’t complete, then to abandon the experiences of the quiet moments at home with family. learn to adapt & don’t forget sometimes we need to dream in the present!

live a great story.

roots & wings.



…what are your favorite memories from 2018?


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2019 bucket list

2019! happy new year.

cheers to the beginning of another 365 days of adventures in love, life, & travel!

welcome back to my drop in the bucket. it’s been a little bit. 2018 was a weird year for me. it felt as though it came and went in the blink of an eye.  i completely fell short on a lot of areas in life, this blog being one of them 😉  BUT… here i am! reunited and it feels so good! (it’s okay if you sang that, i did when i typed it )

each year i develop a list of adventures to fill my deep wanderlust, desires that spark my creative side and physical goals to promote health, in hopes to create a life that inspires me, my family and maybe even a few others along the way!

so. lets. get. to. it.

2019 | bucket list:
(disclaimer: as always, this is a never-ending work in progress, continuously being revised, refined, and modified)


• blog! (hey, i have to start somewhere)

• finish our great room remodel (a ceiling with insulation is a must by next winter. it gets pretty cold in wisco & I have this winter to testify)

• send my baby boy to france for foreign exchange experience

• love my husband in new exciting ways (okay, i have to leave some things to the imagination)

• travel to portugal, morocco, and spain for one stellar adventure abroad

• tough mudder (yes, this was on the list last year. no, i didn’t do it. don’t judge)

• camping trip to the apostle islands with friends

• convince B that its a good idea to place all of our camping needs on our kayak to spend at least one night on an island                    (yup, this needs its own bullet point)

• take niko on college visits (tears running down my face)

• get on a paddle board

• go charter fishing

• try a new restaurant (always a good idea)

• LLC my photography brand

• read one book every other month (trying to be realistic)      read about 2018’s bookshelf here

• outdoor movie night

• volunteer at humane society

• learn to sew

• complete advent calendar at christmas time

• try a food delivery service for meals throughout the week

• plan & pull off surprise 90th birthday celebration for my grandma (we are safe on here, technology didn’t consume her generation)

• do yoga on the beach (heck, it doesn’t even have to be on the beach. maybe, better written it should read “do yoga”)

• laser tag

• tour Mitchell park domes

• overnight motorcycle trip

• visit all of wisconsins state parks

• attend beth moore living proof live

• design home church remodel

• finish quarter sleeve tattoo

• get another ear piercing

• learn to sew

• chicago tour for the weekend (take niko to gucci store & remind him what we cant afford ;))

• attend an indian wedding (already have the invite on this one people, not planning to crash the wedding, although that might be something to add to the lifetime bucket list!)

• host “not-so-newlywed” game

• host friendsgiving

• plan a girls trip air b-n-b style

• continue to pay down debt (ugh! sounds terrible)

• celebrate grandma & grandpas 60th wedding anniversary in missouri

• enjoy lake michigan beaches

• send a message in a bottle

• visit michigan and see the waterfalls

• get eyelash extensions

• plan 2020 patagonia trip

• attend a concert

• salt water float therapy

• win big at a casino (ya’ll, i can dream)

• overnight hike & stay on ice age trail

• visit green bay botanical gardens

• spanish class online or in person (necesito aprender mas español)



well, there you have it people. dreams both big and small. start this year with inspiration and intentionality. create your own list of adventures and desires that cultivate feelings of success, thankfulness & joy.

this isn’t about just checking things of the list, (although, that gives me a sick sense of deep gratification to be able to do so) at the end of the day know that you have grown into more of the person God has intended you to be, as you learn more about Him, yourself, and others, when you live intentionally, push yourself outside of your comfort zone, and experience the countless beauties this world has to offer.


“the purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

                                                                                                eleanor roosevelt



now. take a deep breath, close your eyes and start dreaming.


roots & wings.







i’m waiting…


what did the dreamer in you put on your 2019 bucket list?










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2017 bucket list

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?”


2017 was a whirlwind year for my family and me. 2016 was a year of hurt and division in our family, so with the new year upon us we fought hard for, healing, fun, and adventure TOGETHER. it was a year of restoration. we created an epic year of memories. the joy of last year’s bucket list was that each of us poured in our desires and hopes for new experiences.  we created our list and off we went!

2017’s bucket list in review:


¤ obtain my conceal & carry permit

after a year like 2016 learning to shoot accurately and safely carry a gun deserves to be first on the list! bahahahaha!…just call me “eagle eye”

¤ volunteer at Sheboygan County humane society

because I am convinced if we volunteer, Miss A won’t ask me every other day for a finger monkey, horse, and 15 additional dogs…


¤ volunteer at Amazing Grace Equine Sanctuary

another adventure for Miss A’s animal love/obsession!  i am certain she is an animal whisperer.


¤ Mexico trip

back to Mexico with the best of friends celebrating marriage. oh how I miss the sunshine this time of year.


¤ target scavenger hunt

one hour, one list, a picture for proof!

¤ Elroy to Sparta bike trail

set fitness goals, find a friend (or two, or three)  who has those similar aspirations to physically challenge themselves, and then ride… read more.

¤ home improvements

before  &  after (almost complete, ha who am I kidding…the list is long!)

¤ visit Olivu

because what girl doesn’t need to make her own chemical free lipstick, body spray and nail polish?

¤ grow a pineapple plant

this was started from a store-bought pineapple. i’m positive that in about 5 years i might actually have a pineapple! slow but sure.


¤ 5k with kids

color run 5k in Minnesota! what a blast!


¤ visit and camp at Devils Lake


had the awesome opportunity to visit devil’s lake twice this year. once with the fam and again for weekend camping trip with B


¤ Try a new sport Miss A

floor hockey it is…

verdict- she will leave hockey with her brother and she is going to “stick” (see what I did there) with dance.


¤ Gurnee Mills shopping

just because I had never been


¤ Mall of America

gurnee was good, but the mall of america was great! a must do at least once in a lifetime (two shopping trips back to back, thus the reason 2018 is a year of minimizing and saving! 😉 )


¤ wine & canvas


¤ try a new food


¤ visit an island

we had the awesome privilege to visit and enjoy the 4th of July weekend with friends on their newly purchased island. honestly, how many people can say they own an island?! (this, of course has now been added to my lifetime bucket list)


¤ try a new restaurant


¤ weekend get-a-way up north with the folks

an escape in the north woods. fire, four wheeling, and food.


¤ buy a sewing machine

this was for Miss A- future fashion designer, but i’ve promised myself that i too will learn!


¤ Missouri trip


visiting the grandparents – 4 generations together for the week! zip-lining, golfing, zoo trips and escape rooms… oh and bass pro!  gotta love a bass pro shop trip!

¤ kayaking adventure

tranquil river ride until you get half way down the river and forget the keys to the vehicle you are headed to! dang it!

¤ host Halloween costume party

#heismexican #iamthepinata


¤ go gray

because life is too short not to have a little fun with color!

(sorry ladies… he’s mine)


¤ smell the flowers at a lavender farm

simply peaceful


¤ niko’s first packer game

nothing like experiencing la-la-la-lambeau.

¤ pick pumpkins @ little farmer pumpkin farm

an amazing fall day enjoying the home cooked goodies and picking the best pumpkins around!

¤ girls weekend 2017

first stay at an air b n b. hot tubing in the cold & a ton of laughter… including unintentional mudding.


¤ route 127 world’s largest garage sale

this has been on my list for some time- hubby surprised me with an early birthday present! ROAD TRIP!


¤ boudoir photo shoot

(sorry no photos included for this one!)

¤ surprise hubby with dinner in bed of truck


packed dinner, wine and a deck of cards. parked the truck and got comfy. happy birthday baby!


¤ create a box garden

there has since been a fence placed, because apparently deer and bunnies like my garden as much as I do!


¤ volunteer

habitat for humanity, cancer survivors day and feed my starving children. give back to others. no strings attached. nothing in it for you. learn to give of yourself.


¤ Holy hill

took grandma for a road trip to take in the views of this beautiful church and breathtaking surroundings.


this is it.  2017 in review.  2017 taught me a lot. don’t give up. never stop being real to who you are. challenge yourself. enjoy life. love your family. stop worrying so much. but most importantly, God is so good!

(look for additional blog posts on these adventures arriving in the near future)

what did you do in 2017?

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2018 bucket list


it’s the end of february already!  where did the first two months of 2018 go? with the new year upon us and one month down…have you stuck to your resolutions? do you make resolutions?  me? nope! i don’t make resolutions, however i do set goals for myself and of course with each new year comes a new bucket list.

2018’s bucket list may look different then past years, because this year has everything to do with minimizing and simplifying.  i’m not going to lie, this seemed extremely overwhelming and a bit frightening at first.  for those of you who know me the best, you understand that thrifting is a God given talent of mine, and i pride myself on not wearing the same combination of clothes… well ever. LOL!

planning new adventures with my family and friends is my favorite past time.

THEN to top it all off… my husband and i talked about taking no trips this year!  NO TRIPS! okay this was definitely his idea. i argued for some time and we eventually settled on no trips abroad! so i still have the option of planning day trips, weekend get-aways and short jaunts to neighboring states.  apparently he decided his sanity was an important thing to keep!  smart man he is!  😉

the purpose in all of this is to focus our energy this year to saving, cleansing of “stuff”, home improvements, and allowing more time to enjoy the important things in life.  i can’t explain the freedom i already feel only 8 weeks into this adventure (more to come on the world of minimizing).

my hope is that you draw inspiration from my lists and CREATE one for yourself and NEVER stop being curious!

okay so here it goes…

2018 | bucket list:

(disclaimer: this is a never-ending work in progress, continuously being revised, refined, and modified)
  • ¤ tough mudder
  • ¤ design & create blog
  • ¤ learn spanish
  • ¤ take a photography course
  • ¤ visit door county  (https://www.doorcounty.com/)
  • ¤ skydive (tandem)
  • ¤ take a city tour of chicago
  • ¤ rv trip (okay so this one might have to wait)
  • ¤ go laser tagging
  • ¤ try a new food
  • ¤ motorcycle ride across the state with the hubby and pops
  • ¤ learn to surf
  • ¤ go to a musical
  • ¤ girls weekend get-a-way
  • ¤ visit and camp at life fest  (https://lifest.com/splash/)
  • ¤ spend a day at country usa  (http://www.countryusaoshkosh.com/)
  • ¤ indoor bike course http://www.raysmtb.com/about/what-is-ray-smtb.html
  • ¤ plan and play “not so newlywed game” with friends
  • ¤ visit an art museum
  • ¤ take dance lessons
  • ¤ take horse back riding lessons
  • ¤ go to the milwaukee ballet
  • ¤ go karting
  • ¤ enjoy a new restaurant
  • ¤ tennessee/nashville (ummm… my husband doesn’t think tennessee is a neighboring state to          wisco? and again this one might have to wait)
  • ¤ kids take hunter safety course
  • ¤ take motorcycle lessons
  • ¤ visit the kohler water spa
  • ¤ go snowboarding
  • ¤ go sledding
  • ¤ ride in a limo for lunch
  • ¤ go on a hot air balloon ride
  • ¤ write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
  • ¤ 52 week photography challenge
  • ¤ dance in the rain
  • ¤ go on a star gazing date
  • ¤ send a message in a bottle
  • ¤ visit a trampoline park
  • ¤ colorado camping trip
  • ¤ backpacking trip
  • ¤ create a wild flower garden
  • ¤ handwrite letters and cards to friends & family
  • ¤ see a comedian live
  • ¤ read!
  • ¤ Bible in a year


as we check items off our bucket list, i will be sure to provide updates, feed back and of course lots of pictures!  be sure to keep stopping back to check out this years adventures!


Once a year, go some place you’ve never been before

                                                                -dalai lama


what is on your list this year?  i’d love to hear about it!


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