Hey y’all!

Welcome and thank you for stopping by.  I’m Kyleen, registered nurse by day, wifey and momma of two by night.

These are my adventures and thoughts on life, love, travel, of course my BUCKET list, and everything in between!

I am a firm believer that you should travel and experience new things. I live my life this way and raise my kiddos to do the same. Rarely will I visit the same place twice.  If we go out to eat I try to find a new restaurant in town or order something completely different off the menu. I thrive on new places and faces (oh, and wine!). I love planning the next travel destination or adventure. In fact I get completely restless without them!

Consider me an old soul day-dreamer. I speak fluent sarcasm and list making at this point is probably considered one of my hobbies (don’t judge). Honey do lists, chore lists, grocery lists (which I usually end up leaving at home), packing lists, lists about lists AND most importantly my BUCKET list.

I love Jesus!

I am shoe obsessed, a watch enthusiast, and small off the beaten path boutiques excite me!

I get very loud when I’m cheering my favorite hockey and football teams (GO PACK GO!). I am a Pinterest junkie and love to put my personal touch of creativity into my home, fashion, and photography!

I share my world with my wonderful and handsome husband Chris, my two beautiful children “Niko” and “Miss A”, and if that isn’t exciting enough for y’all we have an overweight Chihuahua named Easton and a St. Bernard named Berkeley (many blog posts to come on big and little for sure!)

We live in a mini metropolis in a midwest town just off of one of the great lakes, although I listen to country music, use words like y’all and bless your heart (although usually sarcastically), and am captivated with the charm of front porch swings and sweet tea, so I guess that also makes me somewhat of a southern girl?

Life is a crazy adventure! Join me as I share with you my drop in this bucket called life.

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us”

                                                                        J. R. R. Tolkein

…and so the adventure begins