2018 in review

i’m excited to start a tradition of highlighting my favorites memories & moments from the year past.

reminiscing over the moments that stole my heart in 2018 has, in part, helped me to daydream about the adventures that made it to the 2019 bucket list, while also reminding me of the accomplishments achieved and the beautiful memories created.

when i reflected back at my bucket list from last year, i realized that i had completed very few of the things i set out to complete in 2018.  initially, if i’m honest with ya’ll, my first thought was…well,  failure. here i am blogging about the importance of a bucket list to keep your aspirations and ambitions alive and in front of you yet, when i thought about it, i don’t know that i looked back at my list much during the year to know what i missing.

isn’t this so true of ourselves? instead of being humbled and grateful for the moments with friends and family we get caught up in what we should have been better at, done more of, spent more time with, or we begin loathing in self doubt & pity? i found this very interesting, because i make a bucket list every year. heck, i have a lifetime bucket list, a spiritual bucket list, a bucket list for my bucket list, and yet here i am telling you that the list i created for myself last year created this weird sense of insecurity and non-completion.

webster defines failure as a “lack of success or non-fulfillment.”

i quickly realized failure was NOT the term for 2018! although 2018 flew by for me, i didn’t look at my list often, and there are a lot of missing check marks, none of that stopped me from creating some pretty epic memories!

as i went through my 2018 photo reel, i realized i had some of the most marvelous moments with my family and friends. i discovered that as wonderful as my 2018 bucket list was, those desires and dreams haven’t changed just because it is now 2019.  your bucket list should help guide you towards new things and new experiences. it should tie together both purpose and focus. its okay to add those things back into 2019’s bucket. heck, they might just end up in 2020’s, and it’s okay if yours do too!

that’s what is so wonderful about your bucket list!  it’s also the reason for my disclaimer that reads: this is a never-ending work in progress, continuously being revised, refined, and modified.


here are some highlights of my 2018:


• motorcycle ride to the wisconsin motorcycle memorial in door county. ride free.


•home remodel. yes that’s our ceiling. nope it’s not staying.

•minimizing & clearing clutter (for the record this is from miss a’s closet) i think she has a problem.

•lake michigan visits. kayaks. swimming. sun & sand.

•work-outs, now if only i could stay consistent!

•hockey- gosh he is cute…& look at those curls!

•miss a’s first dance performance at the weill center ♥ my little hipster

•miss a tries both soccer & basketball for the first time this year- I may now officially be a soccer mom, but you will never see me driving a van


•bowling, because it’s winter most of the year here

•toby mac in concert

•niko’s photo shoot for a feature in yearbook

•indoor rock climbing

•breakout room & with time to spare

•miss a learns to sew

•reading, i think i’ve actually finished more books in the year 2018 than in all previous years put together. go me!

•girls trip to crivitz, wisco. friends, food and forging thru the wilderness

•miss a gets glasses

•photography- senior class of 2019

•my friends son, noah sees color for the first time…EVER

•niko tries track & field

•pickle ball

•receiving the ceo impact award for creating a “boutique” & wig display at the cancer clinic I work at

•visit from montana family…and the dogs!

•racing @ road america and a once in a lifetime pit and special guest pass to eat with the andretti racing team

•attend concert series @ city green

being with my dad as he set out to raise money for a friend with cancer

•celebrating chris’ birthday with family & homemade sushi making

•mini golf

•chris officiating a beautiful wedding for wonderful people

•camping trip

•kombucha making, it tastes better than it looks- i promise!

•my cousin sarah coming for a visit from bama. haven’t seen this lady for years!

•harley motorcycle museum with my dad. celebrating my 33rd & harley’s 115th birthdays

•tie-dye extravaganza 

•family portrait photo shoot  

•niko’s homecoming with his brotha from anotha motha. 

•hosting our frenchie

•volunteering as a family for feed my starving children

•interpreting art @ the john michael kohler art center

•wisconsin badger game in the first snow fall of the year. the one time the weather man was right and i wore ripped jeans & ankle socks

•pumpkin picking @ the little farmer pumpkin patch

•halloween party- aye aye matey!

•movies & popcorn…oh AND reclining seats. enough said.

•nutcracker at paine castle. absolutely stunning.

•hosting thanksgiving. what are you thankful for?

•cutting our own christmas tree. a little adventure & some fresh air. is niko wearing a tie?

•celebrating miss a’s birthday with tamales & a tres leches cake from a local mexican bakery. now you’re speaking my language.

so there you have it. highlights of 2018 in review. a year that I am proud of!

just as i did, i encourage you to always take time to reflect on the blessings of this life. enjoy the big moments and relish in the small ones.

don’t get discouraged if you don’t fulfill every bullet point on your bucket list!  keep dreaming. 2018 taught me that i’d rather have a list that i don’t complete, then to abandon the experiences of the quiet moments at home with family. learn to adapt & don’t forget sometimes we need to dream in the present!

live a great story.

roots & wings.



…what are your favorite memories from 2018?


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