2018 bucket list


it’s the end of february already!  where did the first two months of 2018 go? with the new year upon us and one month down…have you stuck to your resolutions? do you make resolutions?  me? nope! i don’t make resolutions, however i do set goals for myself and of course with each new year comes a new bucket list.

2018’s bucket list may look different then past years, because this year has everything to do with minimizing and simplifying.  i’m not going to lie, this seemed extremely overwhelming and a bit frightening at first.  for those of you who know me the best, you understand that thrifting is a God given talent of mine, and i pride myself on not wearing the same combination of clothes… well ever. LOL!

planning new adventures with my family and friends is my favorite past time.

THEN to top it all off… my husband and i talked about taking no trips this year!  NO TRIPS! okay this was definitely his idea. i argued for some time and we eventually settled on no trips abroad! so i still have the option of planning day trips, weekend get-aways and short jaunts to neighboring states.  apparently he decided his sanity was an important thing to keep!  smart man he is!  😉

the purpose in all of this is to focus our energy this year to saving, cleansing of “stuff”, home improvements, and allowing more time to enjoy the important things in life.  i can’t explain the freedom i already feel only 8 weeks into this adventure (more to come on the world of minimizing).

my hope is that you draw inspiration from my lists and CREATE one for yourself and NEVER stop being curious!

okay so here it goes…

2018 | bucket list:

(disclaimer: this is a never-ending work in progress, continuously being revised, refined, and modified)
  • ¤ tough mudder
  • ¤ design & create blog
  • ¤ learn spanish
  • ¤ take a photography course
  • ¤ visit door county  (https://www.doorcounty.com/)
  • ¤ skydive (tandem)
  • ¤ take a city tour of chicago
  • ¤ rv trip (okay so this one might have to wait)
  • ¤ go laser tagging
  • ¤ try a new food
  • ¤ motorcycle ride across the state with the hubby and pops
  • ¤ learn to surf
  • ¤ go to a musical
  • ¤ girls weekend get-a-way
  • ¤ visit and camp at life fest  (https://lifest.com/splash/)
  • ¤ spend a day at country usa  (http://www.countryusaoshkosh.com/)
  • ¤ indoor bike course http://www.raysmtb.com/about/what-is-ray-smtb.html
  • ¤ plan and play “not so newlywed game” with friends
  • ¤ visit an art museum
  • ¤ take dance lessons
  • ¤ take horse back riding lessons
  • ¤ go to the milwaukee ballet
  • ¤ go karting
  • ¤ enjoy a new restaurant
  • ¤ tennessee/nashville (ummm… my husband doesn’t think tennessee is a neighboring state to          wisco? and again this one might have to wait)
  • ¤ kids take hunter safety course
  • ¤ take motorcycle lessons
  • ¤ visit the kohler water spa
  • ¤ go snowboarding
  • ¤ go sledding
  • ¤ ride in a limo for lunch
  • ¤ go on a hot air balloon ride
  • ¤ write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
  • ¤ 52 week photography challenge
  • ¤ dance in the rain
  • ¤ go on a star gazing date
  • ¤ send a message in a bottle
  • ¤ visit a trampoline park
  • ¤ colorado camping trip
  • ¤ backpacking trip
  • ¤ create a wild flower garden
  • ¤ handwrite letters and cards to friends & family
  • ¤ see a comedian live
  • ¤ read!
  • ¤ Bible in a year


as we check items off our bucket list, i will be sure to provide updates, feed back and of course lots of pictures!  be sure to keep stopping back to check out this years adventures!


Once a year, go some place you’ve never been before

                                                                -dalai lama


what is on your list this year?  i’d love to hear about it!


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