why “my drop in the bucket”?

my life is just that… a very small proportion of the whole. this life here on earth is just a mere drop in the bucket in comparison to eternity.

a drop in the bucket is defined as “an insufficient or inconsequential amount in comparison with what is required.” a bucket (or an ocean) contains so many drops that the addition of one more makes no seemingly meaningful difference, but isn’t that exactly what we are called to do? to make a difference here, and now?

today we tend to use the expression “a drop in a bucket” when we feel that our contribution is too small to make a difference, but what if our mind set were to change?

what if we allowed for God, relationship, travel, love, culture and experiences to really create and develop us into the people God intended for us to be. allowing us to fulfill the purpose he has for each of us.

our experiences in life, love and travel shape us. our contribution, may at times, feel insignificant when we look around; however I don’t believe any contribution that can effect someone’s life for the better is meaningless.

life is meant to be shared. good and bad. experience relationship. create beauty. be humble. desire more. be intrigued by culture. have fun. be curious. seek God. travel. encourage. be kind. love others. get lost. be me.

so that’s it.  this blog is about my personal experiences in life, love and travel. I hope to inspire you to create your own bucket list, and make your own drop in this bucket called life. create a ripple effect.

isaiah 40:15 reads